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Welcome to my kitchen! I am so happy to have you here!

My name is Debbie Matzkin, and my life's passion is to cook, to entertain, and to love. I believe with all my heart that food has the power to bring hearts together and connect people. The best way to connect is around a table filled with taste, beauty and generosity.

I invite you to explore my site and enjoy my recipes, and to  get to know me closely through my hands on cooking workshops. 


Check out my featured recipe videos, filmed for various culinary channels, in which I teach all the tricks and tricks that I know so that you can prepare impressive recipes with ease. 


I published the first two books, my first in 2018 "Fall or Fly" in which I reveal the story of my life alongside recipes that accompanied through my life's journey. 

My newest cookbook "Food - Host - Love"published in March 2021, combines 72 impressive but easy recipes designed to wow your guests with minimal effort in the kitchen. That's my essence: I love to prepare high-impact, delicious meals without completely wiping myself out by the time my guests arrive. Cooking should be enjoyable and approachable! 


Every recipe in the book has a story that contains a positive message from my inner world and my kitchen. As an addition to self-work, inspiration and good energy that will brighten your days, I also created a pack of inspirational cards filled with messages and insights. Each card is the answer to an intuitive question designed to make you think. Play with them, experiment and cook delicious meals! And yes, a recipe is a message for you too! The inspiration cards can be ordered through the website with or without the book.


I am excited to announce that I have an upcoming theater project in the pipeline. I am currently developing a an interactive solo performance in which I will present the story of my life and prepare delicacies for members of the audience. I can't wait to invite you to the upcoming premiere soon!

Enjoy, have fun, eat well, and be good to one another. Always with love, wishing we cross paths, and sending big hugs!

With Love,


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