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Now is the time to shine a light on food, hospitality, and love. From author Debbie Matzkin, an international cook who offers her readers a variety of high-impact, impressive recipes made with ease.

For many years, Debbie Matzkin lives and breathes cuisine through cooking, traveling, and hosting with love. The pandemic was a game-changer, even in Debbie's kitchen. 

It was a year of putting everything on pause: Debbie's culinary programs were stopped, the cooking workshops were postponed, and there were no more gatherings with close family and friends - all things that are near and dear to Debbie's heart. With all of life's biggest questions unfolding in front of all of our eyes, Debbie channeled her feelings into the kitchen. Debbie uncovered her notebooks, filled with notes spanning decades that reflected her life split between Miami and Tel Aviv. 


Titled Eat - Host - Love,  this deeply personal cookbook connects the worlds Debbie grew up in and discovered throughout her life. 

The book contains 72 recipes, all chosen by her family and friends- some passed down from her mother. All the recipes that will leave a strong impression, but are very easy and approachable to prepare. Debbie presents gourmet recipes that have garnered many compliments from the many people she's hosted and shared her cooking with. With all the recipes, there are tips, trick, and shortcuts to make the cooking process easy and enjoyable.


Debbie wants to teach that you can create incredible food in the kitchen without making the fuss. Debbie believes that any pumpkin can be turned into a carriage with some spices, little "tricks" and great love, and that food is an everyday, fun and enjoyable art and that is what she wants to convey to her readers.

Debbie, who spreads good energies wherever she is, loves people, food and hospitality - and if you can mix them with love - the best. Anyone who knows you knows that her table is always full - with an abundance of colorful and dry outdoor dishes and fascinating people - who are also her best friends and of course with lots of love, good spirit and positive energy.

Every recipe has a story that contains a positive message from her inner world and her kitchen. As an addition to self-work, inspiration and good energy that will illuminate your days, Debbie also created a pack of inspirational cards with uplifting messages and insights. Each card is the answer to an intuitive question.  Play with them, experiment and put together meals - and yes, recipes are special messages as well!

"I believe with all my heart that in the power of food to bring hearts together and connect people, and that the most pleasant way to do that is around a table set with taste, beauty and generosity." – Debbie Matzkin


Language: Hebrew


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