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Enjoy a hands-on cooking workshops with Debbie, where you'll learn to cook fun, easy, and impressive dishes using fresh ingredients. 


Filled with intoxicating aromas and flavors, you'll discover Debbie's special tricks and tips she uses to create gourmet dishes effortlessly. You'll be sure to cook with a smile and wow your guests!

Workshops focus on different tastes and preferences, according to the participants' choice. You can create a dairy, meat, vegetarian, vegan, mixed workshop and even combine recipes with a variety of seafood.

The demonstration workshop lasts about two hours and Debbie prepares 6-8 dishes, all of which are eaten at the end of the workshop as a fun meal.

The workshops are for those who want to get acquainted with new flavors, learn shortcuts in the kitchen, cook with a smile, have fun with Debbie and friends, and even for those taking their first steps in the kitchen. 


10-18 participants per group

The price per participant ranges from 260-400 NIS

No experience required!

To book, call: 054.4592961 



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